Setting up React Native Android development in Clear Linux

Is there anyone who successfully set up Android Development Environment with Android Studio + Emulator + KVM? Can’t you share how to do that in Clear Linux, please?

It’s seems very easy to configure KVM in other Linux distibutions, I highly encourage to our Clear Linux developers to make some documentation to configure KVM in Clear Linux too.

in my case, just installed from Flathub.

thanks for your answer, what about Emulator, have you set up this too?
Just having Android Studio is being enough you to develop Android Apps?
How are you testing your application in real time, I mean on the development process we should see the changes on Mobile App’s UI as we write code right?
I’ve installed Android Studio too but couldn’t configure KVM in my Clear Linux OS, I wonder if anyone could, because there is no documentation guide to do it. I found official documentation about how to run Clear Linux on KVM but it’s not my case I think, I guess I only need KVM when I develop Android Applications only. But actually I tried to install Clear Linux on KVM but I failed some steps and couldn’t finish it. Here I also posted about it.
I’m confused what to do.

You can install KVM and run it withtout special treatment as attached. But “Run app” doesn’t work well as showing “Waiting for…” at the right bottom corner. Emulator process seems not working appropriately.

If you stick to develop something on CL, USB debugging is my recommendation. It works well.

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I wait for some other opinions, and check this answer as solution afterwards. Thank you for lovely answer!

same as espio, i tried setting up the android studio emulator but ultimately ended up failing. Right now I use waydroid for emulation but it’s quite finicky to setup as I’m unsure how to install gbinder in a way that gets picked up by waydroid and am not that familiar with python but once it’s setup and running it uses my gpu for acceleration (amd) and it’s very performant.

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thanks for your answer! I never heard about gbinder, so I only come up with Android Studio emulators only. I though it was only one, it appears to be there are alternatives.