Shutdown is inhibited

I’ve downloaded adb tool from Android 调试桥 (adb)  |  Android Studio  |  Android Developers. And in my $HOME folder I’ve created opt folder to work with AppImage applications from outside swupd and flatpak. I’ve extracted sdk-tools, inside this opt folder. After that runned adb file with ./adb devices, it print out something like:

daemon starting daemon started successfully

but after that it didn’t print out any available devices, only printed out,

available devices list attached

similar thing. After while when I tried to shutdown my pc it asked for permission saying, user (which is me) inhibiting shutdown, I wrote password and shutdown, screen blackout and only underscore cursor visible. After that I ended up shutdown my pc by pressing and holding my power button. Now when I try to start pc, it doesn’t starts, some default error logs are shown (these error logs shown since first install). What should I do now, reinstall the system??

Any help appreciated.