Solus is unmaintained, need to decide about distro

Hi all,

I have been using Solus for 6 years, before that I used clear linux for around one year. Now Solus seems to not recover from a reduction in maintainers with updates stalled for almost 60 days.

I am an old linux user, with not too many needs. Gnome is good enough, but I need a relatively updated R installation (I work with statistics), as well as Nim, and cisco anyconnect.

I like Brave browser, but happily could live in Firefox.

Nvidia’s drivers are important to me (on a laptop), but just when I want to reduce the machine’s responsiveness while running simulations in cpu.

  • Will I adapt back to Clear Linux?

Will I adapt back to Clear Linux?

For sure.

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sudo swupd bundle-add desktop; 
flatpak install -y flathub com.brave.Browser;

I’m using Solus Linux since 2013 … but as soon as Ikey leaved the Solus project Solus was beginnig to die… The new team wanted to change everything and finally just maintained the existing version… I’m still keeping à computer with Solus Fortitude but for fun only…

Ikey is trying to create another distro : SerpentOS Linux but still in beta version…

I think that you have 3 choices quite close to Solus :

  • Tumbleweed ( very strong and the most stable but harder to manage )
  • ArchLinux ( Still simple and kept easy … perhaps Manjaro, or ArcolInux if you need intensive support )
  • ClearLinux OS ( most beautyfull and still very technical and the most close to Solus’ philosophy )

ClearLinux OS offerts great options that Solus could not propose and manage as :

  • allowing to be installed encrypted along others distro préviously installed
  • Using RPM,… packages on an easy way
  • Great terminal user experience
  • Incredible and unique way of updating

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Thank you all,

How is the Nvidia situation on CL currently? Has it reached a point where I can have an easy installation?

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Heheh, nice to meet nim people in Clear Linux community :slight_smile: Let’s help each other.

Have you managed to run prebuilt nim toolchain, provided by choosenim installation script, without errors under Clear Linux? There is one rather funny bug there which is actually not nim’s bug but musl-libc one.

(Prebuilt nim toolchain from choosenim is fully statically linked with musl-libc to stay independent of glibc versions).

Bug description: nimsuggest from prebuilt toolchain, being linked with musl-libc, crashes when trying to create listening socket on localhost, because musl-libc has hardcoded way of resolving hosts and it expects to find /etc/hosts in its conventional location. But Clear Linux doesn’t have /etc/hosts.

Solution: you should either bootstrap your own Nim toolchain linked to glibc, or make a symlink from /etc/hosts to /usr/defaults/etc/hosts. Also add trailing newline to /usr/defaults/etc/hosts : Clear Linux for some reason doesn’t like trailing newlines, and even nano in Clear Linux doesn’t add it by default.