Is ClearLinux being discontinued? No!

Hey guys,
I was just running this as sort of background noise and then this dropped:

Since I can’t find anything about it anywhere, I’d like to ask here directly…
Is it true that ClearLinux is being discontinued? :slightly_frowning_face:

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Phoronix has not included CL into any benchmarks for months.

Normally, there’s at least one benchmark each month

Also, the latest CL news blogs are from 2020.

Maybe Chris Titus concluded that it was discontinued.

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No Clear Linux is not being discontinued


Damn, that’s good! I am not a big fan of all the fake news these days…

Thank you a lot for making that clear.

I am a big fan of ClearLinux. Keep up the awesome work. :+1:


Click bait I think, the poster of the video wants to make money! He seems to promote Alpine Linux instead. LOL! Probably a good distro for the Raspberry Pi with limited resources.


Even not true, we feel this sensations like no one is taking care of the distro. Sorry if I’m wrong.

Our focus is primarily server/edge… while we keep a desktop around “enough”.
But we’re not (and will not be) “Ubuntu smooth” for desktop…


I disagree @insign . Just look at the rolling release updates which are created almost every weekday.

I love using the desktop, smooth and snappy compared to the Windows 11 I have with ads. The problems I had with the Nvidia Driver has a good solution now, thanks to Marioroy.

arjan explained well my feelings.

and yet, Alpine is missing a lot of things that make it compete with Clear Linux (or other options). The big things that stood out to me as lacking:

  • Systemd
  • sssd (last I checked, this package has been in the testing repo for years without being added to main/community, for some reason)
  • Open vSwitch

and for this purpose it’s working great! Thanks Arjan :slight_smile:

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I’m running Clear with KDE and Wayland. It’s been solid for me as a desktop for a number of months now.

I used Alpine linux on my old PC. It really didn’t run any faster than the other distros I used so I didn’t migrate it over when I bought a new PC. Maybe it took up less disk space or memory, but that wasn’t an issue for me even on my 10 year old PC with 24 GB memory and an SSD.

Both Alpine and Clear seem to be doing well on the distro popularity list

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Alpine Linux’s Top Contributor Steps Down - What Does This Mean for the Future of the Distro?

Oh the irony…

Probably Jakub Jirutka and Timo Teräs will fill the gap.

Btw, total downloads of Alpine and Clear at Docker Hub :

Alpine : 1 billion+ downloads, 10.837 likes

Clear : 5 million+ downloads, 167 likes

In my opinion CL is doing far better than ubuntu desktop.

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You mean community wise?