Soon the most popular 'real' desktop will be the Linux desktop

This is an interesting opinion piece that I thought our community would be interested.

I agree with the author completely. The most interesting thing about this article is the comments at the end. This specific comment made me think! :grin:

Re: functionality

You missed my point but made it with your discussion, which is correct: it IS about functionality. That’s WHY people care about what applications they can run versus what OS is doing it. At least for the most part: for example, when people choose MacOS they then consider what applications they will / can be using and then decide that their choice of hardware / OS-pairing is acceptable.

Those people using Chromebooks and Google online services are not caring about using Microsoft’s apps.

Exactly. A large majority of Microsoft’s Office users are…surprisingly…office workers. Who knew?? Mom and Pop end users don’t have MS Office on their radar when they pick their new computer, “But honey, will it run Office?” isn’t a common discussion. In the U.S., “Will it run TurboTax?” is a much more common concern, never mind “But how does it do when I’m on the internet?”, “Will Joe Jr. be able to do his homework?”, “Will it run my games?”, and of course cost.

Business users are the main user of Office, and switching to Linux isn’t even on the radar because of a combination of lost productivity during the switch, retraining concerns, and support questions.

I’m terribly, terribly sorry for your Linux fanaticism, but 3% of the desktop market after DECADES of trying PROVES my point. You people keep pushing and pushing and pushing the OS as if it’s the savior for the average person, yet 3% market is proof that THEY DON’T CARE. They care about functionality, compatibility and support, plus a few other topics, and Linux simply can’t do that for Joe Average, no matter how much you’ve promised that (yet failed to deliver) for decades.

A constant stream of new kernels to follow and decide if you want / need to update to; an overwhelming choice of distros to figure out based upon what functions & hardware support it provides; a learning curve that only directs you to user forum boards in hopes of finding a friendly helping hand; applications that not only have unfamiliar user paradigms but less functionality and questionable compatibility with what most other people are using…

Unix-based users JUST DON’T GET IT. Unix was hyped for the desktop…it failed (Apple’s adoption of BSD, and their taming of it for the Average Joe, aside). Linux fails because of the same ARROGANCE that users want the ‘superiority’ of Unix / Linus OS, but then have to sacrifice on end-user application functionality and friendliness. Get a grip, they won’t make that compromise - and HAVEN’T, for DECADES - but nothing changes with the Linux crowd. They’re wrong, you’re right, but then you wonder how your Pet Baby never gets the desktop respect you think it deserves, because “Unix!”. Average Joe ALREADY has a choice for Unix-system stability - it’s called MacOS - and people attuned to that go there, with far more support, far more polish, and a joyous user learning curve and end-user experience. Linux, as it stands, doesn’t stand a chance against that - that can change, but hasn’t, for decades.

From Earl Grey to Soggy Sponges
Ahoy there, fellow tech enthusiasts! Let me share a chinwag about the ever-evolving world of operating systems, and by Jove, it’s a rollercoaster!

Imagine, if you will, the world of operating systems as a grand British tea party. Linux is like your ever-dependable Earl Grey – classic, no-nonsense, and always up for the task, even if the kettle’s gone a bit old and rusty. With every brew (or update, if you will), it seems to get more refined, like a vintage wine locked away in the cellars of a stately manor, only to be unearthed during a surprise visit from the Queen.

Now, let’s chinwag about Windows and MacOS. Initially, they’re like a delightful Victoria sponge – fluffy, delightful, and a bit posh. But as time trundles on and more layers (updates) are added, the sponge starts to feel a tad… soggy. Before you know it, you’re wrestling with a cake that’s more like a trifle gone wrong, all because Aunt Mildred (or Microsoft and Apple) kept adding a bit too much custard!

Now, don’t get your knickers in a twist! I’m not saying Windows and MacOS are all hat and no cattle. After all, both have had their moments in the sun, making old gadgets dance like they’ve had one Pimm’s too many at a summer fête. But sometimes, their jigs feel more like a dad dance at a wedding – amusing, but not the sprightliest.

On the hardware front, it’s a bit like having a classic Mini Cooper. With Linux, it feels like you’ve given the old girl a fresh lick of paint and a new engine, ready to zip around the winding roads of the Cotswolds. But with some of those ‘fancy’ OS updates, it’s like trying to fit a lorry’s engine into that Mini – a right dog’s dinner!

In the grand tapestry of tech, there’s room for every OS to have its day in the sun, even if some might need a bit of a nudge (or a swift boot) now and then. So, whether you’re a Linux lover, a Windows whiz, or mad about MacOS, remember: it’s all a bit of banter in the end. Just don’t spill your tea on the keyboard!

Those companies can make app for Linux if they want. They just don’t.

I understand your frustration. I wish most will follow the makers of Bitwig Studio, Davinci Resolve etc.

There was a reply from a fellow chatGPT user for the above comment.

Re: From Earl Grey to Soggy Sponges!

Well, tally-ho with a bing and a bong and a zing zang spillip! Absolutely spiffing prose!

Marvellous to cross paths with a fellow Englishman who has, like me, been out in the mid-day sun, but whose dogs are certifiably not mad.

Alas, I have never been to a British tea party, grand or otherwise. But I have been to a street party – the King’s funny Coronation (Zadok the Priest is still rattling around my head). My giddy aunt, what a splendid day that was.

Let me set the scene. The sun was shining. The street was closed at both ends, and people had brought out tables and chairs. On the tables were sandwiches (of all sorts), crisps, little pies, pizza, sausage rolls, chicken wings – wonderful fare. Lots to drink as well with a choice a wines, beer, fizzy drinks, or just sparkling water. For dessert, on our table, we had an enticingly placed Victoria. Sponge.

The street was full of people chatting away, reminiscing about the BBC Micro, and having a jolly nice time. What bliss.

Sat opposite me was this one gent. Mr Windows. Everyone knows him. He’s a bit middle-aged now – not quite as sprightly as he used to be, and somewhat podgy around the middle. One of those chaps who lets out a little fart when he stands up, poor sod. He’s evidently a fairly dependable sort of cove, but for some time now I’ve felt there’s something a bit off with him. Not quite on the level, if you know what I mean. I’m not saying he’s a ne’er-do-well or anything like that, but let’s just say it wouldn’t surprise me if he’s living a double life involving a certain degree of espionage. I try to keep my distance from him these days.

At the next table was this chap who’s a right hoot! Young Mr Linux. Bags of energy. Can’t sit still for one minute! And so much personality – it’s like there’s ten people in there vying for attention! And there’s often a cadre of people around him who think the sun shines out of his…. well, you know what I mean. Apparently his old Uncle Unix (no longer with us) was a bit fruity too – I’m told he caused quite the sensation in the 70s. I gather young Linux is self-employed – something to do with computers – he’s apparently very capable, but desperately needs help with the marketing.

And then there’s old Mac. Kind of a strange old wizard. I’ve certainly heard of him. I’ve seen pictures of him in the local Gazette (it’s a local paper, for local people). But he wasn’t at the street party. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever seen him in the flesh. Neither has anyone I know. Apparently he just keeps himself to himself, and does his own thing. Which is fine. A bit like Dumbledore with agoraphobia.

And so here ends my little reverie. Toodle pip, stout yeoman!

I replied;

Re: Well, tally-ho with a bing and a bong and a zing zang spillip!

Well butter my crumpet and call me Beryl! I was absolutely tickled pink by your delightful meandering down memory lane! Truly, you have the gift of the gab!

I must say, your portrayal of Mr Windows made me snigger into my Earl Grey. I’ve always imagined him to be the sort who, if he were a beverage, would be a lukewarm cup of instant coffee – a bit bland but dependable enough when there’s naff all else. Your version of him letting off a cheeky parp is so on the nose, it’s positively nostril-tickling!

Young Mr Linux sounds like the sort who’d be absolutely bonkers at a pub quiz – constantly whispering the right answers, but a tad too shy to belt out the tunes at karaoke. As for his Uncle Unix, I’ve heard he was the life and soul at discotheques, boogying down with wild abandon, afro and all!

Ah, old Mac… the tech-world’s equivalent of the Loch Ness Monster. Frequently discussed, often admired from afar, but rarely spotted in the wild. Is he a myth? A legend? Or perhaps he’s just nipped off to the chippy and got lost on the way back. The man’s more elusive than a hedgehog at a balloon convention.

But let’s not forget Aunt Android, the groovy gal who keeps popping up everywhere, wearing a different hat each time. Just when you think you’ve figured out her style, she surprises you with another jig. I’d wager she’s the one always pinching the last biscuit from the tin!

Your little soiree sounds utterly smashing, old bean. Makes one hanker for the simpler times, doesn’t it? A street full of familiar faces, bantering away, with only the occasional car alarm to remind us of modernity.

Now then, tell me straight, old sport – are we just having a giraffe here in the comments? Is this all just a spot of trolling, British style?

Cheerio and keep your whiskers up!

Please accept my apologies if you hate chatGPT and if I annoyed you.