Leaving, I'm out

The lack of serious help in the community (mostly vague and subtly judgmental as “superior”) and of a “hassle free” app database like synaptic package manager, countless warnings in every application because of missing dependencies and or badly configured apps/system’s configuration files (out of the box), the use of flathub instead of snap, and swupd, some dubious strings(and loads of encrypted files) here and there and viruses into flatpaks, countless painful installations from source and all their errors/warnings because of all that’s missing and different in this OS, backdoors and unsafe kernel options, to repeat, out of the box, all made me change my mind and change distro, once and for all.

Farewell. Looked good, turned bad.
Funny how all it takes for linux to be enjoyable is just a package manager which doesn’t mess the system, a powerful hardware manager and a kernel “modifier/manager” which doesn’t necessarily require a rebuild, possibly all with a GUI.
Instead, we barely get some sort of security/safety option/feature and most applications are a bunch of scripts which barely do what they’re even supposed to do, resulting in countless gigabytes of useless libs and binaries, all for the sake of what could be done by those 3 “magical”, nonexistent applications I have just described.
Same for Microsoft’s Windows…
It almost looks like the political left and right…Divide et Impera for the sake of frustration and artificial chaos among the people.
As if that wasn’t enough, of the huge amount of filesystems out there, we BARELY even get support for the single one we’re using in our setups…All for the joy of Hackers and their “invisible” blobs, who are saying thanks!
Is it really that hard? Oh yeah, it is, for free!
In the end though, even if you pay, it’s the same “old story”.

Coming from one of those who managed to make a working system out of segmentation faults and a “ROOT” modified as any possible name (whoami -anything-), with hardware blobs loaded as mounts, accessible, editable (even the RAM), that’s something…

Have you tried FreeBSD lately ? Just curious.


I used to love FreeBSD, but haven’t used it in a while. Have been considering installing it again!


I have to be honest with you all, before google decided to shut G+ down, I was in the assembly group trying to port minix, possibly even something like tinycore, to GPUs, leaving some of the few operations that may have had to be run on a serial ALU as legacy operations relegated to a small CPU.
All of this in 2014…Soon after, google closed it all and we’re now at NVIDIA buying ARM and AMD buying XILINX…
It oddly feels familiar in a way…

Nevertheless, I can’t stand anything about these operating systems anymore.
I’m the ternary type of guy…Binary just isn’t my thing anymore…
For God’s sake, not even a “PERIOD” signal…There were “not 1 nor 0” signals in floppy disks, used as protection, now they’re just gone.
All I’d like to play with can’t work without a third signal. I’ve stopped doing everything in my life. I do brag about this and that but it’s actually another pointless argument to stay afloat in the realm of misconceptions…Worst of it all, I can barely even speak about it…Who am I even supposed to talk with about it?
I’m on a daunting project all by myself, I just don’t have time for more “bugs”.
As if that wasn’t enough I’ve been officially potatoed by criminals and I’m on a fragile equilibrium. FreeBSD won’t be too much of a help at this point in time…
A frankenstein would be cool though, the holy grail: the Universal Binary Emulator/Interpreter.
That, I’d waste time with. :joy:
Sry for the “unintelligible rant”, I’m only merely leaving a volatile record for the sake of a thought and some laughs.
Have a nice day.

For how things are going on the planet, I’d take a glimpse of Inferno! :joy:
Who knows, I may stumble upon one such thing in the bios or some other firmware, if I’m “lucky”…I’d finally have the opportunity to see the unseen that’s spying it all… :rofl:

Read this, if you need some confirmation bias :smiley:


The last part of that page is not that negative, though.

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Farewell, for staying on these roads should say your chances of getting any serious help here are 0.00%.

Ask on Github or IRC only, ping arjan or sofar.

And this is vacation time, the biggest fun will come in September.


Looking at your profile, I can see you only have 13 minutes total readtime.

There’s a wealth of information on this forum, maybe you can read up a bit first.

Search before you ask, just like any other techforum. :wink:

I understand, but it’s not “that easy” to dismiss.
Linux is more than ready if we consider how billions of smartphones are running it relatively well.
It’s greed the one that’s messing with everything. Honesty just doesn’t seem to pay off for most out there. Take ubuntu for example. It ships with the kernel exposed to all possible kind of attacks, out of the box. Most distros are not hardened on purpose, like it’s a game of “elitarian” idiots who think to be “gods” among peasants while not even having a real understanding of why ALUs even exist on this planet and who’s actually “making them happen”.
It’s like a form of “Socialist Voyeurism” is driving this industry and I actually think that this “grand unification” of peripherals and microcontrollers into a general purpose machine is actually doing more harm than good (apple m1 being one such example), more so when the systems operating on these “monstrosities” are literally out of control, black boxes of evil intent, often even programmed with self-destruction routines…All in the “name of” (excuse for) “security” and “patent protection”.
I remember IT research and programming to be fun, straightforward and joyful, money wasn’t the goal but an adverse effect. Now it’s literally the exact opposite.
Yet again, what’s baffling is how 4 megabytes of human readable operating systems of yesterday almost had more power than the 4 gigabytes unintelligible blobs of nowadays, and I wonder : is it too much to ask for just a pinch of honesty and clarity? (rhetorical question)
I’m not directly pointing the finger here even though I’m having the conversation with you.

Anyway, it’s been some fun for a while.I just wish it lasted a lil’ bit longer. Bummer.

-gone fishing- :rofl: