Suspend in a Multi-Seat Configuration

Using the Gnome Desktop with a computer setup with a Multi-Seat Configuration.

I would think Suspend should only occur if ALL logged in users in a Multi-Seat configuration have been inactive for a set period of time. But what I see is that if each user is configured to allow for Suspend, then if any one of the users have been inactive for the configurable X minutes then the system suspends, despite other users actively working.

Please let me know if this is more of a Gnome issue or something for Clear Linux (that is how Clear Linux has configured Gnome).

I am not an expert but I would not be surprised if GNOME developers have not considered your use case. I can see why you would want suspend to save energy but historically, multi-seat computers were always on, so you might be blazing a new trail. You might have to disable individual suspend control and write your own script.

Part of the issue maybe that I am using lightdm for my login manager. I’ve tried to get gdm to work, but on Clear Linux I cannot get a working multi-seat gdm working (I have been successful previously with debian). I could not get gdm to show the login in screen on more than one seat. Lightdm works “out of the box”, i.e., with no additional configuration required. But from other discussions from other linux distributions, it appears that the login manager has a critical role to play in deciding when to suspend.

As for your use case thought… I have found other’s who have this use case (at least one post from about 2 years ago) (

As for the rational for my use case… I do it because for the cost, I can have a more powerful computer when I need it, but in general more than one family member can share the resource at the same time. And in general, yes the folks at gnome don’t seem to be all that interested in multiseat, which is fair enough since the percentage of users who want it is not that great. Just a bummer for me.