The Quest Towards Freedom: Escape from "Dependencies' Hell""

Haven’t you ever decided to try this new clean binary downloaded elsewhere, only to find out that opening it in the terminal ends up in a warning telling you that “ is missing”?
You then promptly find the library, MANUALLY install it (either from source or from a binary), only to find out that, after having spent more time, the app asks you for YET another library and/or binary?
And then again, and again, and again…Maybe a bunch of times if you’re lucky, dozens OF dozens when you’re out of luck…
Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a solution to all this madness?
Introducing : NOTHING !!!
Deal with it! :rofl:

Seriously, isn’t there something that scans a binary AND the system in advance, to tell you what’s actually missing?
Whenever I craft/install a foreign package for which libraries aren’t available, I can’t waste time to provide countless 3rd party repositories.
I’m seriously thinking that I should code my own “scraper”, something that connects to pkgs-org directly and messes up the system for good! :rofl:
I can’t care less. I just need this. Did anybody already make such an app?
Isn’t there already a way to give a binary to a dedicated app that finds all that’s needed to run it by connecting to a collection of repositories on websites like pkgs-org ?
I mean, something like the app-equivalent of pkgs-org itself, automated (but with some control over rewriting and repo choice).

If there isn’t one, I’m making it, I’m telling you. :crazy_face:

Suggestions and a grain of salt would be appreciated, as always.