Unable to enter a password for tar.gz file in file-roller

I installed file-roller from Software and when I proceeded to create a new archive, it will not let me enter a password. I tried creating a tar.gz file. The same occurs for tar.bz2. Am I missing a dependancy?


According to google, tar files can not be protected with passwords.


Password protected archives in the arj, 7z, rar and zip formats are supported.

Thank you for this. Do you have a recommendation for how I could encrypt an archive then in Clear Linux? I wanted to make a backup of some files, but wanted it encrypted. I wanted to preserve file permissions, etc so that is why I was thinking of using a tar archive.

using a tar archive is entirely reasonable. I would suggest using gpg -c $file to encrypt it with a password.

Alternatively, I’ve seen people embedding tar files into a password-protected zip file. It’s a little strange, but it works.

Thank you very much!