What software can I use to extract .rar?

Title says it all, swupd install dev-utils for p7zip leads me to a dead end.

It’s not open source. You need to manually download the prebuilt binaries from the vendor website. I suggest creating tar or zip archives instead if you are making them yourself. If you’re getting files from others, unfortunately there’s no simple solution for this.

We actually have 7z - this can extract rar archives. Type 7z in a terminal and it’ll show you what bundle you need to add.

After installing, typing 7z i shows a list of file types it can extract. .rar is still not one of them

I don’t believe p7zip is built with rar support, it is missing this file:


I think it’s just a matter of changing make all2 to make all3 but may change the licencing.

The archive manager that comes with (gnome) desktop-apps seems to read .rar archives…

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It’s only the compression library that’s licensed. The decompression libs are for free use.


This is the method I use. In Gnome, a double click on the file will open the archive. You can also right click to directly extract it. If you prefer the CLI, just running

file-roller -h file.rar

in a terminal will extract the file in the current folder. file-roller is a single utility that works for multiple compression formats. Of course you need the desktop-apps bundle or the file-roller one installed to use it.

I’ve noticed this: apps and utilities that are named differently than the text that appears under their linked icons (or at least in gnome, they are). “Archive Manager” == file-roller, “Files” == nautilus… Seems senseless, but I guess that’s just me {shrug}.

I see the inconsistency you refer to. The names that appear on the launcher are set in the desktop files in ~/.local/share/applications, and it’s up to the app developer to specify both the package name and the display name for their program.

As you pointed out sometimes they differ, but I think — for a new user, who will supposedly use the GUI — it’s easier to understand what a File app does, in comparison to a Nautilus one. :slight_smile:

Nautilus is renamed to Gnome Files in version 3.6, and similarly, Gnome File Roller was renamed to Gnome Archive Manager.

I think the renaming is for user-friendliness, while the original name are also the command name, and to avoid naming conflicts, the developers chose uncommon words.


Parsing filters unsupported :confused:

Thanks, that worked nicely.
Nautilus just parses everytime or extracts a 100 MB folder into an infinitely long GB file.

Sorry can someone explain what I’m supposed to do? I’m on KDE, how do I unrar files?

Build p7zip and run 7zr x FILENAME.RAR