Updating really makes you nervous

Here are the errors I’ve encountered since upgrading to version 37560:

  • gnome-keyring-deamon uses 100% of the CPU: marioroy said it was fixed with the version 37590

  • cmake asks for a 32 bits library which is not installed (not the case before updating). See below the screenshot.

  • CUPS printer is partially working (only black & white): the settings are ineffective

  • can’t use the terminal directly in a folder anymore. The update requires the console. Grrrrrrrr!!

  • themes and icons (user directory) is partially working.

  • issue with the python librairies: some app like xpra doesn’t work anymore (2 hours to fix it)

  • and of course, must updating the nvidia driver
    Does the next version fix all these issues?
    If not, can someone help me (cmake first)?