Visited Links, please colour them in Style Sheet

Maybe Web designers forgot the usefulness of Visited Link colours now days, no-one seems to use them.

I’m researching I click a link, I go back to page with long list of topics, when the colour of the clicked link changes to something vivid, like purple, I can visually see my history, if the links don’t change colour, I’m often clicking the same links and then later remember i’ve read this.

Please consider update the UX to give us this visual navigational feedback.

I’m unhappy that my custom style sheet to force pages to colour the links is ignored by this forum :frowning:

None of the obvious css code works here:

a:visited *{
color: #9900CC !important;

a:visited, a:visited *{
color: #9900CC !important;

a:visited, a:visited * {color: #9900CC !important;}

@-moz-document domain(""), domain("") {
a:visited, a:visited * {color: red!important;}

Hi ketonik,
I suspect there may be an option to do this somewhere in the forum settings, but I took a look and if it is in there, it is not obvious… We’re not heavily customizing this forum software - we want to focus on working on Clear Linux :smile: . I suspect each theme would have to have its CSS tweaked, possibly in multiple places. So, while I agree its a nice to have, I don’t think there’s much we can do about it at this moment.


hey pixelgeek, I had a poke around the preferences, I couldn’t find any setting to control the link colour. I did however discover a nice dark mode theme, which resolved the burning eye torture.

Any idea who the developers of this forum software are? Usually they’re phpforums or bbforums or similar, but here I didn’t find the reference. Maybe If I can find the developers, I maybe able to query them on how to workaround the stylesheet issue, they may have some examples to try.

The forum software is Discourse.

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Yes, I find the dark theme much more preferable. But visited/unvisited links show the same.