How satisfied are you with the forum?

It is almost three months of this forum \o/. It looks an excellent moment to ask for feedback and look for an opportunity to improve.

To do so, please answer the following:

  1. On a scale from 1 to 10, how satisfied with this community?
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
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  • 9
  • 10

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  1. Why? Please, reply with what makes you answer the rate above. What is going well and delight you or also what we are missing?

This topic will be open until the end of next week (July 9th).


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The lack of a ‘Mark all as read’ button is extremely annoying! The latest view is good in that you see latest posts easily, but having to open/close each post to mark them as read is ludicrous.

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If you scroll down to the bottom of the New tab you should see a “Dismiss new” button that marks everything as read.


I’m reading every post lol


This is a nice forum… anything i can think of that’s missing, would be an “off-topic” category.

A place to post (or move) anything non-technical.


I was positively shocked how fast I got answers and how humble and professional replies was.
This forum (community) is one of the solid arguments for Clear Linux.


It certainly didn’t work that way for me. Dismiss new simply removed the topic from the ‘New’ tab. When I went to the ‘Latest’ tab, that topic was still unread. ‘New’ only seems to include a new thread that hasn’t been opened before (or dismissed).

I use the forum via the ‘Latest’ tab, where every new comment leads to an unread thread (so you get a reasonable number each day). I like to have things ‘read’ (call it OCD), which involves a quick open/close of threads I’m not interested in.

I’ve come to enjoy Flarum as a forum backend which has a similar list of posts ordered by last post but includes a Mark All as read button.

In the ‘latest’ tab, you can see a horizontal lines with label ‘last visit’, above is what you haven’t seen, including those you saw but didn’t open.

Everyone has been very helpful. What’s missing is a critical mass of users. More people would be nice, especially those who might be inclined to contribute in improving the desktop experience further.


What I miss is the white color when use ` or the three ```, to emphasis a command, like GitHub.

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+1 to this. Exactly what I was going to suggest.

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A prominent link to the forum in the main page’s top menu would work very well.

Right now it has only 3 entries : About - Developer - Software

I’d suggest : About - Forum - Applications - Developers

First visitors still have the About as a first choice, and can easily enroll into the community in the subsequent visits.

Users who bookmarked the homepage will also be able to find their forum login link easier, as it’s always on top, when on a slower (mobile) connection they can click the top link already before the whole main page is loaded.

Changing “Developer” to “Developers” suggests that there is a community of developers present.


Great Forum and really helpful community.


Applications instead of Software makes more sense, yes.

The forum is very nice, I gave it a 9 in the poll :+1:


People are posting their issues or suggestions on this forum. I would like to see the updates of work in progress or completed work on this forum in the News or Announcements section updating periodically, if I am not asking too much.


I love this suggestion! Maybe a roadmap for future development, to know what to expect from Clear in the short/medium term would be really cool!


For development status, we prefer to use GitHub, to track any new feature or bug fixing.

It’s kind of hard to follow on github. There are 372 open issues right now. Sometimes the issue title is completely different w.r.t developer than normal user.

Anyway, not a big problem for me.

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Two different things I think. Let’s figure it out how to address this need.

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