WHat programs do you guys modify for optimisation?

What programs do you guys modify for optimisation? Do you guys modify Firefox as an example to optimise it better?

Firefox and thunderbird are shipped official binaries from mozilla.org. They are one of the few exceptions of software that we do not optimize.

Strange, cause Firefox on your distro seems smoother than on Arch-based/Debian-based.

I think Phoronix tested this and confirmed it. What it tells you is that mozilla does a really good job of compiling their software in an optimal way already, so, everyone benefits, which is great.

But for some reason with any other distro with both chromium and firefox, they are laggy compared to runining them on Windows. I know that with other people chromium also uses high CPU usage on their computers when using Linux but for them it runs smoothly, for me I notice the lag. I guess both firefox and chromium are not optimised generally. It just so happens that other people have got better hardware than me so they don’t notice it as much.

I am not too sure of chromium is laggy or would high CPU usage on Clear Linux as I failed to install it in live mode.

Do you guys optimise chromium by any chance?

We don’t have it…

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