Write mac address of the eth card permanantly


I installed a clearlinux from the official site, but my MAC address is 888888888888, which caused the unstable ssh connect.

Currently I can only be able to write it temparorily by ifconfig command.

But I would like to write the MAC address permanantly into a file like that on unbuntu in file /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts… , could anybody tell what is the file on clearlinux?

Is this for Ethernet or WiFi network?

CL can use systemd-networkd or NetworkManager to manage Ethernet

if you have the
/etc/NetworkManager/conf.d/systemd-networkd-unmanaged.conf file, then
your CL is using systemd-networkd.

You can choose what to use to manage your network connection.

Depending on which program is managing network is the file you need to
modify to fix MAC address.

please read “man stateless” for info for switching between them.

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thanks a lot, I am using Ethernet card for network connnect, will check those files.

If you are using systemd-networkd, check man systemd.link.