Interesting behavior on my network

I installed Clear Linux* OS Server onto a system and found that it was doing something interesting in my network environment.
As the system just sat connected to my network I was getting repeated warnings of IP conflicts from my Meraki . Seems my system got an IP but every hour was fighting with another system on my net for that IP. Problems went away after I identified the MAC address and turned the system off.
Any ideas on why this would be fighting about IP addresses every hour? I realize it is a Server release, does this have any services that might be causing me issues that I am not aware of?


How are you allocating IP addresses? Are both systems getting DHCP assigned addresses? You might also want to check that the MAC addresses for each system are unique. And check the DHCP server is properly configured - maybe the leases are expiring every hour?
We have been doing some work on the the way that the network stack is managed in Clear Linux recently, but I wouldn’t expect it to cause any problems like you describe.


MAC addresses in question are definitely unique. One thing is that we implement redundant DHCP servers on our network. We have seen some software not handle that very well before.

Since I would like to put Clear Linux into production on my systems here, I will attempt to get more information from network logging in the future. Perhaps I will get the opportunity to setup wireshark between the testing system and our network.


Are you using systemd-networkd or NetworkManager to manage Ethernet?

That’s a good question, of which my answer would be , I am using whatever default networking manager is in the clear-29390-live-server.iso package.

I have to admit that my testing so far has consisted of installing the system to one of our embedded CPUs (3rd gen I7) , and testing with one of our Exar 8 port serial boards (which became a comment in another thread about the kernel only defaulting to four ttys).