X no longer loading on boot

My system is running version 35160 and nVidia driver 495.29.05. My X server no longer starts on boot that takes me to the graphical login prompt. However, if I run startx from a prompt as root, X loads. Is there a way to solve this problem?

If I switch user, it brings up GDM and I can log in with my regular user account without issue.

report bug

New ticket opened.

maybe try reinstalling desktop-autostart ?

Same happened to me after update. Had to remove the proprietary NVidia driver to have X.
There is a new driver 495.44, maybe that will help.

I updated to 495.44 and now I can no longer use switch user in root’s gnome desktop to get my user’s desktop.

Tested 495.44 & Latest Production Branch Version: 470.82.00 same issue.
I’m running with open source driver now.