XPM: Unix Package Manager

First of all, why am I posting this on Clear Linux forum? Well, I made it specially thinking in Clear Linux, while many apps are available in flathub, others need some special code, so I worked on something for (almost) everyone.

Hi, I would like to share my new project https://xpm.link. It is an open source CLI made to simplify installations on Linux, macOS and in alpha, for Windows. Please check the link which takes you to the repository on github with full details.

It is written in dart and takes about 8 months to release this “MVP”. And still, it is a work in progress.

For an programmer, feedback is always welcome. Oh, github star help a lot.


I apologise for being sceptical. One package manager to rule them all? This sounds too good to be true. I am a Linux newbie. Yet, installing a third-party package manager developed by one person does not sound a secure thing to do.

Why did you choose Dart?

Vanilla OS makes it happen. In an immutable way.

I got to try Vanilla OS sometime.

It is completely open source.

VanillaOS in a distro, apx cannot be installed anywhere easily. Tried in ClearLinux and Arch. Very bad.

Too bad.

I think it’s more geared towards Fedora / Ubuntu / Debian.

Next edition will be Debian based instead of Ubuntu.

is this software similar to aur?

Very similar but less strict.

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If the only way to install it is using source code, how the dependencies work?

Currently, XPM has not support for dependencies, that is because we do have many methods, but I’m thinking about create a “per flavor” dependency. Maybe in the future… Most part of XPM success is to make it have many apps listed which it currently has not too…

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