Best remote desktop options


I am struggling with finding the best performing remote desktop options for Clear. I have used NoMachine on other distros to good effect, and was mildly successful (with quite a few warts yet to work out) in getting it to work on Clear. I have never used Spice extensively, but would like to try it out, except a macOS client seems hard to come by. There are instructions at on building one and I have done that in the past but the client seems to be not well maintained.

I’ve also used xrdp, but performance there is not great. Are there other good performing options of which I am unaware?

Anydesk is very fast, closed-source like NoMachine, but does NAT-NAT traversal.

From my experience xrdp is one of the fastest. Did you turn on RemoteFX (command line switch /rfx)?

I am also looking for a good remote desktop server to install on Clear Linux.
Have seen a vnc server part about it, but indeed is there a bundle for NoMachine?

So what is the best solution for Clear linux on this ?