Gnome-remote-desktop missing?

I am looking for ways to RDP to my would-be CL workstation from Windows.

Since ver 41, GNOME has included a remote desktop server exactly for such purposes, via RDP.

(And it does seem to work well in Ubuntu, without any hussle, as is).
(And is available as an rpm:

Yet, it does not seem to be included into CL’s Gnome by default, nor could I find it in separate bundles/packs.

Would be great if this gets included.

If not, what are the practical alternatives? (i have looked on the forum but could not find a workable solution).

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You might want to file a feature request at Issues · clearlinux/distribution · GitHub



Just did.
Hope including this isn’t too big of a deal.

Meanwhile, what are the RDP options?

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I reacted to your request on github.

This isn’t RDP, but currently I ssh in and run x11vnc. (Requires an x session obviously).

The nice thing about this is that I only run x11vnc while I’m using it.

Note that if you’re using the default GDM, you’ll need to already be logged in, or switch to an x-based login manager.

Thanks. I am looking for an RDP solution though.

I hope it is added! I will use it.

Have you tried any of the FreeRDP based products like Remmina?

XRDP has also been suggested.

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Remmina is a client (=from which you connect).
xrdp still uses vnc under the hood; i couldn’t make it work anyway.

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