Need Help In Setting Up Headless GUI Server Post Wayland Updates

I have been trying to setup and configure a GUI based virtual server for Clear Linux
running in VMware Clear Linux build 41540. Like others in the discussion thread:
Full RDP is here, finally!
I have been able to log into a running gnome-session after enabling remote desktop sharing and remote desktop access via the gnome-session gui settings. This works great for existing hardware that has a video card where gnome-session starts up automatically.

Before all of the changes to support the latest changes brought on to support wayland
protocol, and changes to tigervnc I was able to setup a a vnc server in a user account which started a custom startx script, that defined the window manager, and set
the vnc port number that could be contacted, with a working GUI base desktop. As of now, this approach no longer works.

From what I can tell there are 3 ways to setup a headless server now:

1.) Use the service gnome-remote-desktop Service if it could be made to work. It the
GUI based desktop session is not running on the server console, it does not work.
For example, if you try to connect via the RDP port 3389 it will fail. Has anyone
been able to get this method to work on a system without a graphics hardware?
If so how?

2.) Another method it to configure xrdp so that it will start a virtual GUI based desktop
which can be contacted that works. I see the startup window when connecting via
a RDP client, but error messages indicated that desktop manager cannot start.
Has anyone been able to get this method to work? if so how?

3.) There is yet another method, and that is using tigervnc. The server part needs to
be invoked via systemd. Has anyone been able to get this work? If so how?