Clear Linux + NUC5i7RYH + Bluetooth keyboard & mouse

I just bought a Logitech Keyboard (K380) & Mouse (M590) to be able to switch easily between my windows machine and my Clear Linux NUC.

When I try to connect it to the NUC I can find the mouse in the list of bluetooth devices, when trying to connect it tries for a little bit then gives up. The mouse has a little usb for wireless connection. But I would prefer bluetooth if I can get it working.

For the keyboard I’m able to get as far as typing the pin code to pair it. Once that is done it looks like I’m connected for a good 500ms then goes to disconnected. On the keyboard the light for not connected keeps blinking.

What I’m wondering is if anyone else has managed to get this working? Where could the problem lie? With the devices, linux or the nuc? Suggestions?

Ok, so after a lot of trying to connect them suddenly it started working. Somewhere close to the end I update Clear Linux from 30820 to 30830. After that was I done I turned off the bluetooth for 10 - 15 seconds and after that both keyboard and mouse connected straight away.

Mouse is a bit laggy, but now it works.

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I, too, have/had issues with wireless mice, though not attempting through BT, just using their provided dongles. The nicer Logitech mouse might go an evening without locking up however the other cheap Amazon import mouse won’t last an hour. This is mostly why I had to switch to ubuntu, where the logitech never locks up and only every few days I need to unplug and replug the import mouse’s dongle.