Clear Linux on Asus 1215n

I everyone!
I’m new in this forum and in Clear Linux in general.
I’m searching for an os that can run very well on asus 1215n (with ION 2). Can anyone tell me if Clear Linux works nice or if it has any problem with switch between integrated graphic and the nVidia one?


With 3GB RAM (or less) you’ll want a 32 bit OS for it. I like Mint, MX, Win 10 (32) for systems like that and, they run decent.

Is it a 64bit system, right? I think I can use 4gb ram and try Clear Linux (with ssd sure). But I read that os like Mint have some problem with dual gpu system like ION.

I believe the CPU on this system is NOT supported by clearlinux. Try a live USB image to see if it boots, but, my estimate is that it won’t. (2010 CPU).

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