Cosmetic treatment for CL boot screen

I get these errors before the login screen and fixed it cosmetically by adding loglevel=3 to the kernel parameters. These errors appear to be not unique to CL.

I am worried to do the solution mentioned here to fix the decompress fail.

The other error appears to be a bug in the NVIDIA driver.

I would be grateful for @pixelgeek 's or any member of the OSdevelopment team’s view on these errors if they have time.

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I raised this issue with a couple of the developers. I’ll let them comment.


Thank you very much.

I reported an issue on this weeks ago with a work-around/fix pstore:crypto_comp_decompress error message · Issue #2835 · clearlinux/distribution · GitHub

Many thanks @mfdemicco . I will delete those files and see if it goes away.

I can confirm that your solution got rid of the pstore erors. Thank you @mfdemicco .

Feedback from the engineers - these are not really messages that we have any control over

  • pstore errors: Delete the log files in /sys/fs/pstore? Seems like a reasonable action.
  • ACPI errors: check for a BIOS update
  • NVIDIA errors: may be the continuation of ACPI errors


Thanks a lot @pixelgeek .