Deepin on Ubuntu

Hey, everybody!
Can you please tell me, can I install deepin on Ubuntu?
I’m new to linux, would appreciate the help!

Hi Viola,

As far as I know, Deepin is a linux distribution by itself (just like Ubuntu or ClearLinux) that is based in Debian (just like Ubuntu).

So, maybe you meant that you want to install Deepin’s graphical user interface in Ubuntu. If you are new to linux, don’t try to do this. A better option is just to install Deepin linux.

And, since you are in the ClearLinux forum, I believe the best option it to install ClearLinux. :slight_smile:

Yes, you are right, I apologize! I am a bit confused about distributions and other softwares.
I am currently learning distributions and ClearLinux too. I read that it’s focused on being easy for beginners and those who never had any experience with Linux and that’s what I need.

You might want to check out Deepin fourms - deepin官方论坛-深度科技官网旗下网站 - rather than the Clear Linux forum. Clear Linux definitely is not targeted for beginners!

Okay, I’ll take a look.
Thanks for the advice!