Epson Image Scan on Clear Linux

Hello, first time poster here. I’m looking to start using my Epson WorkForce ES-400 on Clear Linux but it doesn’t seem to work with Simple Scan and I’m not sure if I can use the Image Scan v3 software that Epson makes since they don’t have Clear Linux listed as a supported distro:

I looked at SANE to see if this was supported but I didn’t see it listed there. lsusb shows the device as “04b8:0156 Seiko Epson Corp.”

So is there any way to get Image Scan working if they only make it available to other distros?

Thanks so much for the help!


Is there any official driver? Even if it’s for other distribution, it might help.

The closest I could find are the deb and rpm packages here:, can I use them in this environment?

There is another page that mentions building from source files but I’m very new to Linux and unsure how to use these. Is there a place for noobs like me to get things like this running?

You can request the addition of any open source package on our github issue tracker. That is the recommended way to get stuff working for users in your experience category :slight_smile:

SANE says it’s supported by an external backend:

This backend should theoretically allow you to use your scanner with normal SANE compliant software such as Simple Scan.

You can try downloading and manually extracting Image Scan v3 packages directly, although the compiled binaries are likely to have linking problems and fail to run.

I do see that Epson offers a source download for Image Scan v3, although it seems to be just the utsushi backend, but properly versioned. Let me see whether we can package that.

That’s awesome, @btwarden! I was looking to see if this was something that I could request to be added, like @ahkok mentioned, but the only thing I saw was the utsushi backend that you mentioned. I wasn’t going to request anything be added until I could get something working. You’re right on point with the binaries, they did indeed have linking problems.

OK, I’ve successfully packaged the utsushi backend, which includes a scanning frontend app, /usr/bin/utsushi, and it will be pulled in by sane-backends sometime within the next couple of releases.

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This is great news, thank you so much @btwarden!