Error on installation

This is twice I have tried with same error.The error is “Installation failed. mount/dev/nvme/1n1p3/tmp/install-454929942 ext4: no such file or directory.”

First time I tried was for a destructive install (full wipe) second time was for a side by side.

Anyways, I’m so eager to give Clear Linux a shot, I’m just frustrated.

The drive is a Samsung 970 Evo Plus 1TB, NVMe M.2. i have an i9-9900X, 32 GB Corsair Vengeance RAM, geforce RTX 2070, MSi x299 raider mobo. I am using a wired connection 400mbps dl/40 mbps ul.

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Is it on a bare metal or a virtual machine?

Bare metal. Got it to install finally, by not adding any of the bundles in the installation. However, now it boots to login screen, then freezes and I have to CtrlAltDel to reboot back to Windows. I installed it on a Samsung 970 Evo M.2 NVMe. I just dont know why I can get it to boot all the way. It’s a kernel panic I’m pretty sure of, because my machine is not overclocked, but the error message inferred that.

Do you able to change to a TTY?
I mean press Ctr+Alt+F2?

Maybe try and take a picture of the screen - even a cell phone camera may help.

I’m trying bare metal install again with new posted iso…
Now, there is no wireless connection shown after booting into Live USB desk top. ??? And of course it cant be installed unless there is a network connection.

I seen where wifi is in the settings sidebar…however it says there is no wifi adapter plugged in. But there is. It’s a TP Link PCI wifi adapter and it works fine in windows. I just currently have no ethernet access where I am. Is there a drive I can down load and install manually? Please help

Going to need more info:

sudo lspci

Assuming it is a PCI card… going to need chipset info to figure out what driver it will need.

Please post lspci -nn - we need the device IDs as well, not just the name.

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Ok. Working on it now. Gonna load the live 30090 USB in about 5 minutes

Ok. Here’s the output. I put a small yellow mark to indicate the network controller.

And here is another pic of the wireless network adapter

Now I ran the same command as root…there is a bit more info

Sadly BCM4360 [14e4:43a0] does not have an open source driver :frowning:

Wait, I can see it in linux source, let me find if CL has it enabled.

It needs proprietary firmware. do sudo dmesg | grep firmware and see if it complains about a missing formware file.

we have the module called b43. Firmware from userspace is required for device operation, and CL can not ship this firmware.

once you get the firmware file, you can place it at /etc/firmware and unload and load the module.

Note: you need to create the directory /etc/firmware.

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Ok. Thanks so much for your help gonna give it a go now.

Hello again…just looked here and it says b43 will not work with my wifi adapter. I will post pic. Says to use wl driver instead. Can you double check that for me?