Found invalid CLR_MNT_HOME partition

So i had previously installed Clear Linux and Windows 10 as a dual boot setup as follows

  • CLR_ROOT and CLR_SWAP on my sd card.
  • Windows 10 is on my HDD. I have a unified EFI for both OS and used systemd-boot to choose the boot.

It worked flawlessly without any problem.

However, my sdcard ROOT ran out of space as Home was in it. After running out of space, i did the /etc/fstab method to add HOME on HDD and it did work. But i could not delete old HOME folder to free that space that was on ROOT because it got unmounted after restart.

Now I am reinstalling Clear Linux. Remade previous CLR_ROOT and CLR_SWAP partition. I have unallocated about 350GB at the end of my HDD for HOME partition as i previously did during fstab. Formatted it with ext4 and named it “CLR_MNT_HOME”. But there is a blocking issue. Whenever I format and name the partition “CLR_MNT_HOME” via Gparted and return to the Installer, it gives me “Found invalid CLR_MNT_HOME partition”. Can’t proceed with the installation. How can i fix it?

The name should be CLR_MNT_/home for home