Fresh Destructive Installation won't boot

Hi All,

I have made a Destructive Installation of Clear Linux Desktop on my HP DL360 Gen9. The system won’t boot. I boot into the UEFI shell and manually start BOOTX64.EFI. After that I just see the grey screen with no log in invitation. Please advise on how to boot in/investigate the problem.

Thank you.


attached is the screen I see after boot.

can you boot with

Thank you, but I did not try to do this. I now have RH 8.0 installed and properly loaded. Will try to install ClearLinux now in a multiboot mode. Any suggestions on Multiboot?

If you can boot in, then it’s not your system “won’t boot”…
Your attached screenshot looks like your system is able to boot but the desktop environment is not started successfully.

Understood. Will experiment.

I’m wondering how do you get the screenshot. Is your system running in a virtual machine?

I’m asking because HP DL360 is a server, and I don’t think it comes with a graphic card.

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It is a server. I am connecting to it via iLO, thus the screenshot is displaying iLO window.

According to the documentation, you might need the driver hpilo if it’s not included already like REHL and SUSE. You can also see some guides on that page on installing the driver. As a short term measure, you may try to install the driver with rpm2cpio and see whether that works.

If the driver is indeed not included, you can open an GitHub issue to request it.

Can you get to a login on another virtual terminal (CTRL + ALT + F4 for example)?

I’m wondering if the system is presenting multiple graphics devices to the OS and what you’re seeing is a symptom of that.

If you get to a terminal do a lspci and ls -l /dev/dri/*

@puneetse @doct0rHu I guess I am presented only 1 virtual terminal. Attaching a full screenshot here.
What I do:

  1. Log in to my server’s iLO and launch .NET Integrated Remote Console (screenshot attached).
  2. Reboot to clear linux and see gray screen. Can not reach terminal to set boot into
    I am now experimenting to get through to log in screen.

got into by adding this to kernel parameters during boot:

Here it is

As for lspci – will send you personnaly some screenshots.

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It could even be simpler – reminds me of the case where you have two displays connected and this one is secondary, so login prompt is actually on the other one, wherever that is.

Very likely. The background image is not just some random dark grey wallpaper, it’s noise-texture.png used as background of login screen.
This could easily be verified. Just use keyboard to select the user and type in the password, and then press enter. If our conjecture is correct, after login the user should see gdm on both displays.

Folks, I understand tricks suggested but there is no “other” display here. It is just Integrated Remote Console connected. For some reason other linuxes display correctly. I would like to help to determine why Clear did the other way. Ready to debug, enter commands you want me to enter.