Google LLC v. Oracle America Inc. - SCOTUSblog

Any chance at revisiting some of the Java purges from way back. For example, it’d be neat to play with Spark and GPU resources on the new Iris stuff in Clear Linux.

Or does the above confuse a ton of things?

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I second this.
The law firm Oracle lost the case. The rest of the open source community can move on now.

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Not directly, but potentially over time it may play into discussions and decisions as plans evolve.

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The Java purge was more about our ability to provide CVE-traceable security updates than a legal issue… among other issues, we discovered that it’s extremely difficult to track down the original code used to compile many popular JARs, especially as bytecode from an earlier JAR could be compiled into later JARs. In some cases, the original source doesn’t even exist anymore, but the bytecode exists within many, many current JARs.