How to debug the frozen system?

Hi. I have the server with installed Clear Linux, and it was frozen every week.

For debugging it, I tried dmesg, and cat the logs but it does not work.

This problem has been going on for 10 months, so I’m doing a “hard reset”(Push the physical reset button) every time.

Does anyone haven’t a good idea?

I think the problem I’m having is similar to this. Analyse system freeze reason - #2 by inmanturbo

I have a long-term business trip scheduled for more than 30 days soon, so I can’t hard reset it even if my system has a problem.

Clear Linux does not leave any logs required for debugging. I will give up using Clear Linux now.

When your system freezes and dies go back and read you your log file with journalctl. You can read what happened prior to your crash. For example when you reboot you could do the following
journalctl -k -D …/var/log/journal/66941a51824048bdb26e1d9caae38414 > debugFile.txt
or you could just run
journalctl -k -D …/var/log/journal/66941a51824048bdb26e1d9caae38414
Note the number under /var/log/journal will be different you will need to do a ls to see what it is.
Do a man journalctl or do a journalctl --help to learn the various options.
When I used the the -k option I was trying to put the log output format to look like what you would see with dmesg.
journalctl has become my friend as of late.
Just a caveat reading logs will journalctl will only show the last items written prior to your system halting or crashing.