Analyse system freeze reason


on two old computers with Intel Atom (ComputeStick and Fujitsu Q555) I experience sudden system freezes usually when opening more Chrome tabs and swap is extended on the same system drive (2GB and 4GB RAM). Sometimes the system comes back after like 10 min, sometimes its just frozen forever. Swapfile is 16GB which should be enuff but it seems the system becomes unstable in the phase when it runs out of physical RAM and allocates swap space.

What is the approach to debug these issues ?



What sort of drives are you swapping to? Spinners or SSD? Aside from buying newer hardware and more ram, you could try a different browser or try adjusting your setting for chrome, particularly the caching. Chrome tends to be a bit of a ram hog. (Like many other modern browsers) holds a large cache in ram to make pages more responsive (provided of course you don’t run out of ram).

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Upgrading is not a solution as the swap file was never fully used before the crashes happen. At most 2GB out of 16GB from the swapfile were used. This needs to work stable, so the question is how to debug the crashes.

You could try

journalctl -f

In a terminal then open a bunch of browser tabs and watch the output right up to the crash. There might be something useful in there.

Or maybe redirect the output to a file. Or follow on ssh from another computer so you can scroll back through it after the crash.