How to use the device in host machine?

We need to test our RPM packages on Clear Linux. According to the document, mixin is easy to use. But in the latest OS release, it can’t be used(it is deprecated according to another topic). So I turn to use mixer and it works to install the rpm as bundle. There is only one question - we need to access one device node in the host machine to test the installed bundles in the virtual OS. So who can help on this issue?

This makes no sense. What is testing? Where is the test taking place?

The whole reason VM’s exist is so that the software inside the VM cannot directly access resources outside of the VM.

Maybe you’re leaving out an important detail?

Thanks for the quick reply!
Actually I want to use the host machine instead of the VM to do the test as we need to communicate with the OS via device node.
But as you know we can only use mixer(mixin is deprecated) right now. According to the mixer document, we can only use the VM to test the bundle.
So that’s why I want to ask this question.

No, that is an incorrect interpretation. You can mix and deploy on bare metal just as easy. Just take your generated installer image and install it on a bare metal system instead of on a VM.

Sounds great! Do you have any document about this?

What documentation did you read that says that you can only mix for VMs?

Take a look at the mixer tutorial – I think what you want is to get to step #5 of the second example, only don’t swap out for the KVM kernel. At that point you will have created your custom mix, which you can use to create a live image USB installer, following these instructions.

To create a live image installer, what bundles need to be included in the config file besides bellow 3 bundles?
“Bundles”: [“kernel-native”, “os-core”, “os-core-update”]

Those bundles should be sufficient to build a minimal image – you can then add any specific bundles you need for your use case – you can add to the image, or you can add after install completes with swupd.

To make it as a live image installer - just like, what other bundles need to be added?

Take a look at the image builder tutorial, I think it will answer your questions. If you’re building a minimal live image installer, you need the “kernel-native”, “os-core”, “os-core-update” bundles, and then follow the tutorial to create the live image.