Installation image won't boot

New to Clear. I made an install usb drive, twice actually, and about a third of the way during the boot the screen starts flashing and the process stops. I’m stumped. My apologies if this has been addressed before.
Add:Forgot to mention my laptop is a Dell 9710

Did you disable secure boot in BIOS?

I did. This hasn’t happened on any of the other distros I have instslled.

Same with me - flashing screen for no reason. I’m using an intel server S2600CW with embedded graphics.

I notice the clear-37980-live-server.iso does boot - only the clear-37980-live-desktop.iso has this issue FWIW

In lieu of a fix, I’ll point out that if you install from the server image, you can add the bundle desktop-autostart after first boot to get the GUI. The only difference in end results between installing from the server vs. desktop images is which bundles you start with.

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