Installation problem

Hi there!

I’m David and I’m new in this community and with this distro, I tried to install it, but unfortunately I can’t.

I found a curious thing while doing the installation process. When the partitions on the HDD were made the partition root had only 150MB and the boot partition had 60GB as well.

I forget to mention that the installation I was being done directly on my HDD with one partition that has 60GB.

I really appreciate to get some help from you!!


I’ll attach some pictures.
Size of the partition.


If you let the installer do partitioning, then there would be a boot partition with 150 MB in VFAT format, a swap partition with 256MB (on my computer) in swap format and a root partition with the remaining free disk space in ext4 format.

You may try to launch the installer in TUI mode by executing clr-installer-gui --tui. And you would have a chance to see how it’s partitioned before installation.

Added to my install routine… thanks