Kernel panic while installation

Getting this while trying to boot clear Linux from usb,

Machine - MSI GF63 8RC i5 8300H
GPU - GTX1050 Max Q
Booting in UEFI mode,
Secure boot disabled

We’ve seen many kernel crashes from NVIDIA hardware. This is one of them. There’s almost nothing we can do, unfortunately.

Oh maybe an earlier version of installer works? At least users will get a functioning OS.

Does your UEFI allow temporarily disabling the NVIDIA GPU? If so, try that to get through installation

You can try using the live-server to install without a GUI or adding modprobe.blacklist=nouveau to the kernel parameters from by interrupting the bootloader (push e to edit at the bootloader). Though this crash may be happening before any of that has a chance to help…

I tried adding modprobe.blacklist=nouveau and nomodest but nothing seem to working.

Have you updated your bios?