Mac Book with faulty graphics card

2011 model Macbook pro has known graphics card problem. We still can use it by disabling the graphics card during boot. But we have to do it everytime manually for OSX.
Is it possible to install Clear linux on it without using the radeon graphics card, just using the on board intel graphics card please? I tried to boot clear linux from the installation media after disabling the graphics card. But it fails after trying to initialise the faulty radeon card. I could boot manjaro installation media without any problem.
If we can use clear linux on it will help many people.

Does blacklisting the module in the kernel parameters from the bootloader work?
Push e from bootloader and add something like modprobe.blacklist=radeon or modprobe.blacklist=amdgpu to the end


It worked. I managed to boot the installation media. Thanks.

But it didn’t recognise the wifi card.