No OS found after installation


I am trying to install CL on a Lenovo Thinkcenter M72e (3rd generation core i5).
I made the live USB, booted into the live OS easily, and ran the installation. (using single HD, and “destructive” so no duel-boot).

Everything seemed to go fine, but when I reboot, I get the error that there is no operating system to boot from.

The BIOS is set to favor UEFI over legacy, and secure boot is turned off.

I thought that maybe I didn’t let it finish installing so I did it again, same result.

I did install an SSHD in it, instead of a regular or SSD. Can this be the issue?

Any ideas?

I faced the same issue and found the issue.
See Can not boot Clear Linux after fresh install
In short, check that the live USB is indeed booted in UEFI mode and not in legacy mode!

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