Not getting Graphical Desktop on Live USB

Hi All,

Looking to get some help. I’m trying to get a Live USB of Clear Linux to work to explore some features. However, I’m not able to get the graphical desktop to come up.

I had a video driver issue, but setting ‘nomodeset’ allowed it to progress past that, but I end up at a Command Line login prompt…Is that normal?

I’ve got a Core I7-9900KF, Nivida RTX 2070 and an MSI MPG Z390M Gaming Edge motherboard.

The installer has the opensource nouveau driver which does not get support for that card.

You’ll have to use the live-server (CLI) installer to get installed and install the proprietary NVIDIA driver afterwards to get graphics.

Thank you for the info.

Sorry probably a dumb question, but does this mean that I won’t be able to use the live version? The CLI installer will perform a to Hard drive install? I’m not at the stage where I want to erase my current OS.

That is correct, unfortunately. The lack of a supported graphics driver is prohibitive to getting a live-desktop. You’ll still be able to use the command-line.

You could try installing the proprietary NVIDIA driver on the live image to see if it is able to install and load the desktop without a reboot. I have never tried this, it could not work for a number of reasons. Search the documentation and forums for the technical bits on how to install.