Odd observation with Gnome 3.38 unlocking & application windows

I finally came back to Clear Linux after having to send my laptop off for repair (spilling a full cup of coffee across it was never the best idea that I’ve had in the world!!), however, I now seem to be observing some strange behaviour with Gnome and my application windows when the laptop is locked and unlocked.

To clarify what my set up is like…
Dell XPS 13 9380 laptop with 2 USBC hubs (1 with simply 4 USBA ports, and the other to serve my monitor & a couple more USB ports)
HDMI monitor to extend my desktop to

The only thing that has changed from before the repair is the USBC hub with HDMI out has been swapped out as my old one had a damaged cable.

When unlocked, everything seems to be working fine and as anticipated, and I can get along with my working day without a hitch. The problem appears when I lock my laptop for a period of time, say for lunch, and come back - when I log back in I find that all of my windows are somewhat messed up and not in the position that they were prior to locking. It’s quick and easy to put things back to where I need them, but it’s more a slight annoyance for me more than anything. Has anyone experienced anything like this anywhere else?