One Round of Tests

Though not named to well this is a test suite geared torward testing the OS. I used ClearLinux for one test (OS Tests) versus Manjaro 18 (Os Test Suites). It’s a completely Intel laptop where every major chip in it is Intel (USB, Video, memory controller, audio, etc.).

I know Manjaro isn’t necessarily a performance based distro (or experimental) but it does represent a najor distro that is in use. For these tests, I installed the OS from the installer. I made an xfs partition that I linked to the data area that Phoronix Test Suite uses so that all read/write would be on the same partition and file system (even though it says ext4 under ClearLinux, the Phoronix test area was the same xfs you see for Manjarp – symbolic link.)

I also tried Fedora 30 since Fedora is relatively experimental, but it hosed my Boot Loader, failed to set it up properly to boot itself, and DIDN’T install the tools I needed to fix it. So Manjaro it was.

ClearLinux is clearly the winner. Well done, team!

Thanks for posting this! The labels were a bit confusing, but, the numbers are nice!

I’d run it again except it took a total of 5 hours. I will eventually rerun them with better labels.