Single error, multiple instances, installation stalls

Hi, I wonder if anyone could suggest a way forward with the following problem please.
I have experienced the a same problem twice with different computers, the installation process gets as far as expanding the kernel then nothing happens at all regardless of how long you leave it running.
Computer 1 Intel DQ45CB LGA775 E7500 CPU 3Gb ram install from CD
Computer 2 Gigabyte EG43M-S2H LGA775 Quad Q9550 CPU 4Gb ram install from CD
Additionally computer 2 starts the install process from a memory stick but does not progress beyond the initial screen.
I am not sure how to proceed from here, computer 2 has run Linux Mint and Elementary OS fine. The Cd starts the install process but just comes to a complete halt when expanding the kernel. The CD drive then spins down after a while and nothing happens. I wonder if anyone could make any suggestions regarding this. I think these computers are too old to have UEFI but I have never enabled this for a Linux installation on any pc so I do not think it is necessary.

Most of the the install images do assume UEFI, and are designed to be installed from a USB stick. We don’t test for install from a CD.