"Software" on Website doesn't show any result [solved]


on your Website is the “Software” section broken. Since a few weeks we are not able to find any results.

Could you have a look, what is wrong there?

Clicking on the categories does not work either.

Bah - looks like something broke. I’ll have to see if I can find anyone that remembers how this was set up.

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It seems to be broken again.

is this how the page is meant to look like? feels a bit odd

The search function has gone missing and is broken. Using the wayback machine to check the older version you get this:

which in turn leads you to the old url for an example search of firefox of this:
Which gives a 404.

Hmm… I think no one will be looking at this thread again… simply because it has been marked as “solved”.

It is broken again, since the ClearLinux team had to move away from their CMS base: https://community.clearlinux.org/t/clearlinux-org-move-upcoming/9010/4

The “Software” part of the website almost died in that change: https://community.clearlinux.org/t/clearlinux-org-move-upcoming/9010/2

And they want it to be hosted on Github from now on. The new logic does not seem to work with the old schema that worked with this (I think!): https://github.com/clearlinux/clr-bundles/tree/master/bundles

Basically, you can find all the information you need there. It is just a little finicky… I mean… its very finicky.

So, what we see now is just the remainings of that big change. I guess the logic would have to be rewritten or organized differently.

Yes, ideally there would be a search option in there, but instead we just have static pages, which, as you point out, makes it very finicky to find software.
At some point we may get a new web design, but at this moment our resources are being focused on the maintenance of the distro itself.