[SOLVED] Using Plasma DE on Clear Linux

Hi all!
I want to use Clear Linux but I prefer Plasma as my DE. So, this left me with two options available (just some ideas in my thought).

  1. Install Clear Linux Desktop and install Plasma together along with GNOME DE. Will be there any conflict or issue between two of them in Clear Linux?
  2. Install Clear Linux Server and install Plasma. If I choose the latter, will I just do the swupd bundle-add desktop-kde or there are any other, Clear Linux’s specific bundle that I have to install after?
    What the better solution do you guys suggest?
    Thanks in advance!

I ended up using the first option after reading a couple of manuals and articles. Plasma seems okay until now. One thing that I noticed is, when I log in into Plasma and change something in effect settings, and then I log in back to GNOME, suddenly the GNOME animation effect is turned on. (The animation effect in GNOME is turned of by default in my system). Any other things seems okay.

I know you marked this as solved but wanted to say I went with your #2 choice and it has been basically perfect sudo swupd bundle-add desktop-kde; sudo reboot and sorted :grin:.

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I also a Plasma user and I am trying Clear Linux now. I used the 1st option. I did that cause I wanted to give gnome a try, but it’s not for me who feels much more productive and am already used to a custom configuration of plasma.

So the second option is much more attractive to me. No point in have lots of Gnome bundles, they will be obligatory updates and I wont use them. I also noticed lots gdm process in background besides sddm …

I plan to reinstall, I also wanna change the partition scheme.

But I have a concern, server and desktop are two different use cases. In desktop you want responsiveness. I wonder if Clear Linux Server comes with configurations that doesn’t fit that case.

Do the I/O Scheduler configurations or something on the base of system differs between the Clear Linux OS Desktop and Clear Linux OS Server??

ps: atm using the vscroll mouse action on the desktop to change desktops in plasma is not working here. I will check upstream and do some more tests on it later.

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Thank you!

But I ended up using Gnome Flashback with Metacity as it’s WM, for the sake of performance wise though. :smile:
I’m not sure how I can tweak Plasma “faster”. I’m still new to GNU/Linux tho :smile:

Good point!
Since I’m still new to the GNU/Linux, I can’t anwer your question. Anyway, in regards of your question;

found something here.

I would like to know further about the result of your test tho :grinning:

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Removing Akonadi (if running) is a good start :wink: