Stuck at boot process

I created write the downloaded iso to usb drive from gnome-disk-utility from debian. When I bootthe boot menu appears sucessfully but when i choose to boot selecting clear linux it stuck there. nothing happens. What can i do now?

It’s recommended to follow the tutorial to make the ISO.

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Yeah, balenaEtcher works flawlessly. I’ve never had a problem since I started using it.


can’t i even use dd?

You can, in fact that option is also listed in the Clear Linux tutorial

I’ve noticed however that balenaEtcher tends to be faster, at least that’s my perception.


I suggested using balenaEtcher as default method in the tutorial, for it is much faster in general than dd and avoids many issues.


I agree. There was time when I would reboot just to get to rufus, which for awhile was the only way I knew to quickly create reliable iso boot media. Not anymore. BelenaEtcher is excellent, and very reliable.

ok i will go with etcher then…

There’s Yumi too, in case Etcher doesn’t work for you.