Udev not loading ppp_generic or creating /dev/ppp on demand

I have been attempting to use Sonicwall NetExtender. Running it from the command line gives the error:

You need to create the /dev/ppp device node by
executing the following command as root:
mknod /dev/ppp c 108 0

Running this command solves the problem until reboot. Further investigation demonstrated that the ppp_generic kernel module is not being loaded on demand by udev as it is in many distributions. I now execute the command modprobe ppp_generic on boot and it seems to work fine.

Should udev be configured to load this kernel module on demand by default?

Create the file: /etc/modules-load.d/ppp_generic.conf and put ppp_generic in there, and the module will be loaded automatically at boot.

man modules-load.d covers the details.

Thank you very much. Will do.