VNC server not drawing mouse correctly?

I’ve been wracking my brain over this for several days, I’ve tried a few different remote desktop options, but the only one that I’ve gotten to work (mostly) correctly is x11vnc. However, the mouse cursor is not being drawn correctly. this is 3 examples of the cursor changing shape in 3 different screen areas as would be expected behavior. I managed to get a solid black arrow cursor on the client, but the xserver cursor is being drawn as a series of dots. x11vnc is configured for 24b depth and 32bpp, and changing the cursor set changes the shape of the poorly drawn cursor. This is server side, I’ve tested multiple different viewer clients on multiple machines. Could this be an issue with nvidia drivers?

Absolutely, you may have to disable hardware cursor support. That’s what I’d look into first.

How do I accomplish that? I have not been able to find anything on this.

    Option         "SWCursor" "on"
    Option         "HWCursor" "off"

Something like that in xorg.conf should work. I think this goes in the screen section.

That’s what I thought, but this made no difference, other than now it will sporadically also draw a box around the cursor for an instant.