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Good the hear everything went well. We are constantly improving the developer experience, so hopefully soon we will be able to add more feedback during the installation process. Thanks for your comments. Keep us updated!

Good comment. I’ll move it to the wishlist, under the feedback category. So, we can keep tracking of these needs easily.

Hello everyone!
I’m using Clear Linux on my work laptop (Lenovo Thinkpad X270) for Docker/JavaScript development. Works perfectly fine.
Now I installed it on a second machine, an IBM x3550 M3. I squished an real GPU there. Everything except lack of NVIDIA drivers (I know it’s proprietary) is top notch. Clear Linux knows how to handle those 24 cores (2x6/12) :slight_smile:

It slowly becomes my main distribution. Goodbye Debian (server) and POP!_OS (desktop). But I need a real drivers for my RTX game development PC for full jump in.

The bottom line is that this is the fastest and most developer friendly distribution of 2019. Keep the good work Intel!


Having explored linux from time to time over the years I never really felt I could use it exclusively for a variety of reasons … mostly related to the need to be compatible with peripherals and other systems I had to use for my work. Recently I bought a new Lenovo Yoga and decided to replace Windows 10 with linux to see how much the OS had matured. I was amazed that I really didn’t miss Windows, or feel that I needed it for anything specific any longer. After trying a handful of distros (Solus, eOS, Fedora) I read about Clear Linux and decided to try it. The experience has been so good that I plan (even though I am not a developer … or even a very experienced desktop user) to adopt it as my daily driver. Hopefully I will learn to use it well enough to be helpful to others. Thanks for all the hard work you are putting into this project. I feel at home.


Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us. Keep us posted, and welcome to the community!

Hi Mark, from one Clear newb to another: welcome! I feel the same way. When Clear is “rocking”, it is exciting to me. Especially typing shutdown now at the command prompt and my laptop is off in 4 seconds.


To all the professionals behind clear linux:

Thank you so much! what you have done here is nothing short of amazing.

Had to go back to Ubuntu… can’t believe its the same year :slight_smile:

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Hello all. Finally got around to installing Clear Linux. I got a new i7 NUC not long ago and am now triple booting it with Windows 10, Pop OS linux and Clear Linux.
I had 2 reasons for trying this operating system:

  • Intel hardware optimizations

  • The vast number of development type tools available to easily deploy

I can say that I notice a significant difference between the 3 operating systems on this NUC, with Clear Linux feeling so much more snappy than the other 2.
I have found the forum to be useful so far in helping me install Google Chrome.
I am not using Clear Linux professionally, but will most likely use it for day to day personal desktop use, plus a bit of training in different areas, data science, dev etc.
I like the ease in which I can install Gnome extensions too, great idea having them available in the Software app.
No issues in particular so far, so good job team :slight_smile:


There was one benchmark from 2018 comparing performance on Ubuntu and Clear Linux, and it found that AMD Rhyzen got greater performance boost, by percentage.
That’s to say the optimisation is not just for Intel hardwares, but for Linux in general.

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It would be a nice gesture if Intel shipped a Clear Linux / Intel branded USB stick with their NUC.

With a bootable live image of Clear Linux, plus all videos and documentation on a seperate NTFS partition, making all accessible to Windows users.


if this is the right place to write it:
with xfce I had system freezing a couple of times in the last week (mouse and keyboard)
If not please let me know where I should write


I understand that this is an older post, but just wanted to add my vote for Intel to ship Clear Linux on a USB drive with their NUC and NUC kits. I recently retired from a large company myself, where only a single division was software development, so I understand that communication between divisions can be slow and sometimes problematic, but it would be a super way to expose more people to Clear Linux.

I am running Clear Linux on the newest i5BEH NUC and other than the hiccup with kernel 5.3 booting, it’s running great.

I don’t visit the Distro Watch site often, and I didn’t know about Clear Linux until I saw a comparison of performance between Clear Linux and some other Linux distros.

Anyway, to the Clear Linux team: thanks for what you do!


Thanks for supporting my idea… it’s appreciated !


Congratulations, it is good hear


Very impressed with your project! “Friendly-strict approach” as I call it for my friends.
It seems that I will become a local influencer, I haven’t studied anything yet, but I’m already advertising CL to everyone :slight_smile:

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Hey guys, I am recently installed CL alongside Win10, I like it so far but there is a couple of things makes me wonder if this is os related or rather something with my system, ie: After choosing CL on boot menu the booting process could be faster and when it if the system is loaded , to open the setting first time takes a lot of time while the cursor/touch pad remains unresponsive. Does anyone else experienced this?

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Hiya from Scotland!
I have just installed CL on an ASUS Zenbook 14 Flip with Ryzen 5 3500U. It works fine and autorotation is not working due to lack of drivers in kernel 5.5. I checked that 5.6 will have the new AMD sensor driver incorporated,so, I wait.
Also the very practical gadget of a numpad incorporated in the touchpad is not working. Do you allow AMD processors on the forum? They recommend CL as their preferred distro!!

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There are lots of users like you active on the forums. Everyone is welcome!


Hi, I’m Mike I’ve been happily using Clear Linux for almost a year now. The performance on Clear Linux is incredible and glad to see there is a community of people that feel the same way. :slight_smile:


Clear Linux OS is my Favorite ! I

I have used most of the popular distributions beginning from slackware. Intel’s Clear Linux OS is the most stable & fastest distribution in my opinion, in terms of boot up time, system & applications response. Obvious, that the OS is optimized for Intel CPUs. I rate the os maximum not because it is the fastest but it has many features as mention in the web site like:

  1. Software distributed as Bundles rather than as Packages
  2. Stateless OS
  3. File Size of updates
  4. Different approach in Installation / Partitioning & Boot loader (clr-boot manager instead of Grub)

All these efforts & many more optimizations have made the OS the more stable & usable

Whereas other linux distributions that I tried earlier worked well until installation of new package. Conflicting libraries, dependencies, would make applications to break.

The OS fundamentals all together have improved Overall stability to a good extent.

With improved Linux drivers, I believe, Clear Linux has all the potential to become leading Desktop OS