Welcome to the Clear Linux Community Forum!

Hi, I’m Mike I’ve been happily using Clear Linux for almost a year now. The performance on Clear Linux is incredible and glad to see there is a community of people that feel the same way. :slight_smile:


Clear Linux OS is my Favorite ! I

I have used most of the popular distributions beginning from slackware, . Intel’s Clear Linux OS is the most stable & fastest distribution, in my opinion , in terms of boot up time , system, & applications response. Obvious, that the OS is optimized for Intel CPUs. I rate the os maximum not because it is the fastest but it has many features as mention in the web site like

  1. Software distributed as Bundles rather than as Packages
  2. Stateless OS
  3. File Size of updates
  4. Different approach in Installation / Partitioning & Boot loader (clr-boot manager instead of Grub)

All these efforts & many more optimizations has made the OS the more stable & usable

Whereas other linux distributions that I tried earlier worked well until installation of new package installation. Conflicting libraries, dependencies, would make applications to break.

The OS fundamentals all together have improved Overall stability to a good extent.

With improved Linux drivers, I believe, Clear Linux has all the potential to become leading Desktop OS