Will not boot RETBleed warming

I get 0.1080721 RETBleed; warming : spectre v 2,

This is all I get when trying to boot into Clear Linux
I can still boot into the 2 other OSs on this PC, windows and CentOS

you try to install version 37860/

This is a old install that I used daily but if I press space bar at boot up it shows
Clear-linux-native-6.1.1-1228.conf and
it shows the warming on both kernels

I’m having this RETBleed warning too at boot since multiple weeks but can still use CL normally

I’m using Clear Linux 38390

Update your BIOS and tweak the UEFI settings.

If you run CL in Virtualbox, update VB and make sure “Enable EFI” is (re)enabled.